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Betting is an integral part of the football scene. As a football enthusiast, you must have heard of betting at one time or the other, especially with people cashing heavily on predicting numerous outcomes.
Many have tried and have failed and given up, while others have consistently won their bets. It’s not an impossible task; it’s all about being strategic.
This article will serve as a guide to football betting; from the types of sports betting, to how to place bets, to common mistakes bettors.
By the end of this article, you should be a pro on football betting. Sit tight and keep reading!

Types of bets in football

1X2 Bet

The 1×2 Betting is also known as a 3-Way Bet, Full Time result, or Match Betting and it involves placing a bet on the outcome of a match and there are three possible outcomes; a home win, an away win, and a draw.

Placing a 1 x 2 Bet

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s really simple but first, the better must first grasp the different variables involved in 1X2 Betting.
Once again, the three outcomes for a match are a home win, away win and draw.
A home win is represented as 1
Away win is represented as 2
A draw is represented as X
Here is an example to explain it better :
Using the available odds from a well-known sports betting site, Bet 365, we take a look at one of the most highly anticipated matches last season between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford.
With the variables provided above, Manchester United are the home team, they are signified by 1, while, Arsenal, the visiting team is indicated by 2 and draw is X.
With the home advantage, one can only assume Manchester United favourites and the numbers show this with odds of 1.17. While visiting team Arsenal, have an 8.23 chance of winning, with the odds of the match ending in stalemate is 4.28.
Let’s assume that a bettor places a 100 stake, a win by Manchester United will yield 117, a win by Arsenal would give a return of 823 and a draw would earn the better 428. Try new trust brand of Bogdan bet prediction.

Double Chance

Well, this is one of the much safer bets and it involves combining two of the three outcomes (home win, away win and draw) in one bet. What this means is you have two chances to win. Here is how it works.
Like we mentioned earlier, you get to choose two different outcomes. Therefore, you can choose any of the possible outcomes in the Double Chance Betting:

  • Home win or a draw 1X
  • Away win or a draw represented as X2
  • Home win or away win represented as 12

Having to deal with only two out of three outcomes gives you a greater chance of winning your bet. However, the disadvantage of this is merged outcomes are typically significantly lower than a win or draw only.

Draw No Bet

In Draw No Bet, there are only two possible outcomes for a successful bet: A win or a loss.
How does it work? You win money if the team you bet on wins but if the team loses you lose money. However, in the event of a draw, the stake is fully refunded.
Please see example below:
Let’s take a look at a champions league match between Chelsea and Bayern Dortmund.
Using the odds of Bet 365 once again, the chances of Chelsea winning on Draw No Bet are 1.34. While for Dortmund, it’s 6.3.
Let’s assume the stake is £400
A win for Chelsea will yield £400 x 1.34 = £536
A win for Bayern Munich means you lose your entire stake, which is £400
A draw means you get a refund

Over / Under

This type of betting focuses on goals scored rather than the outcome of the match. A win or a loss, in this case, is irrelevant as the only thing that matters is the goals scored depending on the bet placed.

How Over/Under betting works

Usually, bookmarkers are often able to predict how the match will end through odds. In Over/Under, you can either predict a total of over 2.5 goals (3 goals or more) or a with less than 2.5 goals (2 goals or less). For instance, if you bet on Barcelona scoring a total of over 2.5 goals during the course of a match and it ends with 3 goals or more, you win the bet, if not, you lose.

Both Teams to Score

Also, not influenced by the outcome of the match, Both Teams to Score, often referred to as BTTS is a type of betting that requires betting on both teams scoring during the match.
One major advantage of BTTS is you can get your winnings even before the match ends. For instance, if you bet on Real Madrid and Barcelona scoring in a champions league final and they both do in the first half, you will receive your winnings before the end of the match.


Some teams are better than others and some teams have better abilities or are handicapped because of the absence of a player.
This is where Handicap Betting comes in. It’s quite common in football betting for a bookmaker to level the odds or make it a level playing field by giving a goal advantage or disadvantage to make it easier for them to compete against their opponent.
The handicap is adapted to the match and of course, affects the outcome of the game.
There are 3 types of Handicap Betting

Level Handicap

In the Level Handicap, as the name suggests, a zero goal difference is accommodated if both teams are perceived to be on a similar level. What this means is, the match starts at 0 goals, there is no addition or subtraction of goals.
To place a bet, the bettor must stake on either of the teams scoring more goals than the other. The bet is lost if the opposing team scores more goals than the team you bet on. Subsequently, we will discuss things to look out for before placing a bet in such instances.

Single Handicap

A Single Handicap involves giving an advantage to a certain team when their opponent is perceived to be a much better team.
For instance, in a match between Manchester United and Newcastle United, The Red Devils are obviously the superior team and will be given a handicap goal to that effect, to make it a level contest. The handicap goals could be anything from 0.5 goals to 1.5 goals and, depending on how superior a team is over the other.
So, with the example above, a handicap of -1 goal is placed on The Red Devils. For a bettor to win, United must win by more than one goal against Newcastle. The first goal levels the score, the second, is the winner. Sadly, the more goals Newcastle scores, the more United has to score for the better to win.
If United only manages to squeeze one goal in, given the handicap, it is counted as a draw for betting purposes, so your stake is returned. If the underdogs Newcastle draws or win, the bet is lost.

Split Handicap

Split Handicap is adapted when there is negligible disparity in abilities between both teams. An example will be an evenly matched football match between Chelsea and Manchester United
If for instance, a 0 or -0.5 handicap Chelsea as a result of Manchester United having a slightly weaker form. If a bettor puts his money on Chelsea, and they lose, draw or don’t score more goals than United, the bet is lost.
There is a simple explanation as to why this happened: Both handicaps were not satisfied.
However, if Chelsea wins, both handicaps are fulfilled and the bettor wins. If it ends in a draw, the better loses out on the -0.5 stake but gets a refund on the 0 stake.

Research before betting

Failure to research before a bet may cost a punter a lot of money.
Research on the team you want to bet on, the players of the team and the strength of the opposing team. Of course, there are other factors to consider, which will be outlined below.

Team form

Is the team you are looking to bet on in form? How are the players fairing? Are there any injured players? Has anyone been transferred or sent on loan? These are all things to consider when researching on both teams’ form before you place a bet.
Additionally, try to make comparisons between the two teams ahead of the game. There numerous sites that offer such services and can provide in-depth statistics.
Finally, research on the history between the two teams, as well, as the last 5 — 10 games the team has played. Some important statistics to look out for are:

  • Goals scored
  • Goals conceded
  • Average Team possession

Home and away records

Knowing the history between the two teams will help with placing a successful bet.
Be sure to go take a look at the history between the two teams. A consistent pattern in their last few encounters and the form of the team would give a clear indication of what team to bet on.

Team news

How up to date are you with current news of the teams you place bets on? As a serious better, you have to go the extra mile in getting information anywhere you can. This includes subscribing to a newsletter, following on social media and checking the website regularly.


How motivated is the team you are interested in betting? Motivation plays a huge role in guaranteeing the win or loss of any team.
There are various factors that can influence the motivation or morale of a team, some of which includes injury of a key player, transfer of some players, a new coach and so on.
Therefore, a team that lacks motivation is likely to lose or not score and may cause the better money.


This part of football betting is often overlooked. As a seasoned better, you must have such information before the match.
Find out when the teams will be playing and the starting line-ups as this will definitely influence your bet.
For instance, a match between Liverpool and Tottenham, people expect to see Mohammed Salah and Harry Kane if they are not injured. If for some reason, Salah is unable to play, this should influence your bet if Liverpool is your team of interest.

Common football betting mistakes

A lot of bettors make many common mistakes and this is why they lose money more often than not.
I’m subsequent outlines, we will be discussing common mistakes made by betters and how they can be avoided.

Misunderstanding value

A number of betters do not fully grasp the concept of value and often miscalculate it.
So what is value all about? It’s having an in-depth understanding of what betting odds represent and having and making your own deductions based on probability estimation and then converting these odds while looking out for discrepancies in your prediction and that of the bookmakers.

Betting with emotion

One thing you should never do is bet with emotion. Rather, make bets based on facts and information gotten from your research.
Just because your favourite team is playing against your least favourite team doesn’t mean you should place your bet on your favourite if they are not in form.

Following the crowd

Never follow the crowd? Why? The crowd can be wrong. Make your deductions based on research rather than what people say or think the outcome would be.
Here are two key reasons why you should never follow the crowd.

  • Most bettors lose more money than they gain on betting sites
  • The more bettors staking on a particular outcome, the lower the value of the odds

Sticking with losing systems

Nothing is permanent, even a winning strategy. A strategy that works this week could become a losing strategy next week.
One of the most common mistakes punters make is sticking with a losing strategy.
Why not change it if it’s not working? As a serious bettor you have to consistently make tweaks to match the latest trends.
To wrap it up, always go back to the drawing board when you lose bets and look at where you got it wrong based on your current strategy. This is how great bettors are made.